TECHNO PLAZA Miyagi, Inc. The 21st Century Plaza Research Center
Corporate Data

Purpose of incorporation : TECHNO PLAZA Miyagi was established by a quasi-public corporation as a management company of "The 21st Century Research Center".

Office : The 21st Century Research Center Building 1F

Founded : March 31, 1988

Capital : ¥3,555,000,000

Representative : President and CEO Masahiro Wako

Principal Shareholders : Miyagi Prefectural Government, Sendai City Government, Development Bank of Japan, Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mitsubishi Estate, 77 Bank, Tohoku Electric Power, etc. (Total of 44 organizations)

The Main Projects of TECHNO PLAZA Miyagi, Inc.

  • Research Rooms Lease Project
    • In support of corporations (and individuals) carrying out R&D, rooms are available for lease at a low-cost.
  • Venture Support Project
    • Guidance and advice are available through consultants, and research rooms are leased in favor of business-starting ventures.
  • Guidance Project
    • Advice and information about concerning technological development are available through the Key Person System.
  • Training Project
    • Various training seminars are held such as the "21st Century Plaza Yokendo" Entrepreneur Seminar.

Now, other projects for example, mutual exchange between private company and University, investigative research, information supply and Miyagi Model promotion have been held.

The 21st Century Research Center

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